Nimmi Gowrinathan is the publisher of Adi Magazine and a writer, scholar, and activist. She is a professor at the City College of New York, where she founded the Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative, a global initiative that draws on in-depth research to inform movement-building around the impact of sexual violence on women’s political identities. As a key part of this initiative, Dr. Gowrinathan created Beyond Identity: A Gendered Platform for Scholar-Activists, a program that seeks to train immigrants and students of color in identity-driven research, political writing, and activism anchored in a thoughtful analysis of structural violence. She has been an analyst and policy consultant on women’s political voice and participation in violence in South Asia for the International Crisis Group, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, UN Women, and the Asian Development Bank. She is also currently a Senior Scholar at the Center for Political Conflict, Gender, and People’s Rights at the University of California, Berkeley. She provides expert analysis for CNN, MSNBC, AL Jazeera, and the BBC and has been published in Harper’s, Freeman’s, and Guernica, where she is the creator of the Female Fighter Series. Her work can be found at www.deviarchy.com. Her book, Radicalizing Her, was published by Beacon Press in 2020.

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