In an upcoming issue, Adi seeks to explore the role of whiteness in US foreign policy. We want to examine whiteness not (only) as a racial category, but as a worldview. We believe US foreign policy rests on whiteness as an epistemology—a way of seeing, knowing, and valuing—whose roots reach into the very foundations of American politics and society. In this special issue, we want to demonstrate and interrogate the power and presence of whiteness today.

We’re not after descriptive stories about discrimination in policy-making institutions, or arguments about the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives. These sidestep, and, we believe, extend, the very problem we seek to center. We’re looking for pieces that go deeper, that feel out and expose whiteness as the real interest of what is undertaken in the name of “US interests” around the world.

We’re looking for stories that explore the supremacies of whiteness—the form and language of white apology; the white impulse to aid or to save (in a secular or in a religious context, or the overlap between them); the limits of white feminisms; the establishment and extension of white power by erasing race, and with it whiteness, from foreign policy.

We are open to a range of forms and styles: essays, reported features, and short opinions or accounts, as well as fiction, poetry, and multidisciplinary work. Adi tends toward literary and experimental approaches to policy questions, and we prioritize writing rooted in lived experience: we want to get as close to those most acutely affected by policy as we can. 

If this sparks ideas for you, please get in touch with a pitch at and we’ll start a conversation. We’d like to see pitches by November 24th; the deadline for drafts would be January 20th. Adi pays competitive rates that we determine based on the scale and scope of the idea.

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